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Welcome to the MHC & MHLC OSA website!.... We are in the tenth successful year of running the Website and the Cultural Events.  Thank you for your constant support, members and well-wishers!..



Current Committee

Downloadable membership application form (word docx)






History of MHC OSA [UK]

An association was formed some time in the early 1990s.  But due to unforeseen circumstances this association ceased functioning.


Feeling the necessity of an association in UK, a few of the old students have now formed the current association on 17th June 2001.


The old students who met on this day formed a committee of management, names of whom are listed below.



President                                 : Mr. A. Kumararajan

Vice President                          : Mr. D. Rabindramohan

Joint Secretary                         : Mr. A. C. Vasan

Joint Secretary                         : Mr. S. Jeganathan

Treasurer                                : Mr. N. Sushilan

Joint Treasurer                        : Mr. R. Anpalagan


Committee members

Mr. K. Rajkumar              - Sports coordinator

Mr. C. Sivanesan            - Cultural coordinator

Mr. S. Rangaraj              - Communications coordinator

Mr. V. Balakumar            - IT coordinator

Mr. T. SriBaskaran          - Membership coordinator


Events/Actions already happened

      Membership Drive we have gathered the names of old students resident in UK, numbering well over 100.

      Sports At the TSSA sports meet held at Harrow in August 2001, a cricket team representing Manipay Hindu College entered the cricket competition between colleges of Jaffna peninsula and we reached the semi-final stage of the competition.

      Inaugural meeting The inaugural meeting of the members of our association was held on 28 Oct 2001 at a hall adjoining Archway Temple in North London.  On that date, formal enrolment of membership was done.  It was decided to draw up a constitution for the association.

      We had communications with MHC OSA based in Canada, Australia and Colombo and also with the present Principal of MHC Mr. Shanmuganathan.

      We have also been contacting at personal level with old students based in Germany, France and Botswana.

      Constitution Our constitution was approved at a meeting held at Magnum Club Stanmore on 3 Feb 2002.  A good number of members was present at this meeting.  The draft of the constitution of the MHC OSA [UK] was approved at this meeting.  A copy of which is available on request.

      Web Site This web site that you are reading is also an outcome of our joint effort.





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